Understand the mechanisms


Designing and implementing surveillance programs to monitor the presence, spread, and severity of pests and diseases.


In order to understand the mechanisms by which pests and diseases invade crops and develop, we assist Stakeholders and Governments to improve risk management, damage forecasts and decision support, as regards the steps to be taken. Comprehensive PRA’s and DRA’s are developed and Surveillance grids planned in order to effectively deal with the pest or disease threat.



Designing and implementing surveillance programs to monitor the presence, spread, and severity of pests and diseases.

Early Warning Surveys

The goal of Early Warning Surveillance is to discover an invasive species while its populations are numerically small and geographically confined. Early Warning Surveillance locate species that are in the process of establishing in an area. Our Early Warning initiatives are focused on various crops along country borders..

Areawide Surveys

Area-wide Surveillance as an ongoing survey to verify the characteristics of a pest population. By this definition, monitoring surveys apply where a pest is known to be present and the survey is planned to examine aspects of the pest population such as prevalence of the pest and changes in pest prevalence over time.

Delimiting Surveys

Our Delimiting Surveillance used to establish the boundaries of an area considered to be infested by or free from a pest. Delimiting Surveys are conducted to determine the extent and distribution of a pest or disease incursion, and to determine whether the pest is eradicable or containable below set economic thresholds.

Independent Audits

Independent crop or production site audit surveys for a range of pests and diseases depending on the commodity. These audit surveys may be required where an importing country specifies they require product “surveyed, inspected, or tested and found free from...”. Close collaboration with Laboratories enables us to provide diagnosis of samples found.



Cropwatch Africa Platforms are "All-in-one Integrated Platforms". Utilizing a GIS Canvas to view and compare data-imagery, Mobile Applications for data collection, Reporting function to view and analyze data.


Hardware, software, data, procedures, people and networks are all interconnected and in place.


User friendly canvas to display location based data, based on the different sectors requirements.
User management and security in place.
Edit your collected data online.
Extra Tools ready to assist with managing data.


Data gathering forms build as required.
GPS location, user detail, date-time stamp automatically.
Works online and offline.
Map function for displaying data & navigation, Filter function to search required data.
Reports ready to be viewed and shared in the field.
Imagery viewed online/offline.


Reports customized as required by client.
Implement filters to search and analyze data.
Download reports in different formats.
Share reports via email or setup a schedule to share.

View Imagery & Collect data
Take Photos, use the scanner, track your paths
Example: Monitoring eradication efforts via realtime data collection



Systematic process of collecting, storing, analyzing, and disseminating information related to pests and diseases in order to facilitate evidence-based decision-making and effective management strategies.


The goal of data management is to ensure that data is accurate, available, and accessible to authorized users when needed.
- Data Integration with 3rd party sources is available.
- Making informed decisions, maintain regulatory compliances and derive value from data assets.



Practical knowledge and skills for identifying, monitoring, and managing pests and diseases.

Capacity Building & Extension

With all the current invasive pest and disease outbreaks threatening African countries, Government agricultural staff and extension needs to be on the forefront and provide information and training to their farmers looking to them for help. Our Capacity Building and Extension training are aimed at filling the gap

Farmer Training and Awareness

IPM strategies are different for each crop, country and region. Our Pest and Disease training / awareness programs for farmers are tailor made based on their unique farming practices, from subsistence, community and commercial



Improving productivity and quality


Our research activities together with various industries and academic institutions are aimed at improving productivity and quality of crops, better plant protection and sustainable farming practices. Our research into disease and pest management for the agricultural and horticultural sectors focuses on the interaction between crops and the diseases and pests that affect them.



Remote sensing

We collect and interpret data using satellite and drone imagery enabling diverse applications in fields such as environmental monitoring, agriculture, forestry and disaster management

Supply us with your remote sensed data or make use of our qualified and experienced drone pilots, we offer various types of drone imagery including Thermal and Multispectral