Farmers are making use of the mobile friendly applicationCROPSCOUT, 3rd party Integrations, Satellite and Drone imagery, to collect relevant data.  GIS-Data are displayed on the Cloud-based CANVAS or mobile app.  Customized Reports are generated and farmers can view/analyze/download/share or schedule notification as needed.

Farming Operations, Practices and Activites


Entomology and Plant Pathology activities, by making use of the CROPSCOUT mobile app, data collection via forms with logic/rules.


We collect and interpret data using satellite, drone and in-field imagery, enabling diverse applications in fields such as agriculture.


Production activities ensure a smooth and efficient process, maintain fruit quality and enhance the overall success of the harvest season.


Record keeping of harvest data contributes to the overall success and sustainability of farming, by knowing the quantity and quality of the final product.


Various chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilizers applied on farm needs to be recorded.


By carefully managing farm irrigation, farmers can optimize water use, conserve resources, and promote sustainable agricultural practices.


Other Farm activities are cater for by Cropwatch Africa, standard options or customized for the farmer.


Cropwatch Africa Packages

Basic Imagery

R5 500/Yearly per Farm setup

10m Satellite Imagery
Boundaries of farm and fields
General Farm Info
Farm Census
Field notes and Tasks
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Basic Scouting

R5 500/Yearly per Farm setup

General Farm info
Farm Census
Boundaries of farm and fields
Field Notes and Tasks
GPS Path Tracking
Pest , Trap and Disease Scouting
Weed survey
Trap & Lure management
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Standard Package

R10 000/Yearly per Farm setup

Basic Imagery options
Basic Scouting Options
Sampling options
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Advange Package

R15 000/Yearly per Farm setup

All Standard Options
Additional Sampling options
Basic Application Instructions
Production activities
Harvest Recording
Irrigation options
Equipment Recording
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Note: Terms and conditions applies.  Pricing are guidelines and may differ.  Please request a quote from the sales team.  New, customized forms/display layers and reports will require extra development hours.