Cropwatch Africa Training

- Kruger National Park Tourism Monitor PSHB Training

- Kurger Nation Park Ranger PSHB training

- K2C & APNR PSHB Training

- Kingdom of Eswatini - Farmer field training on invasive pests

- Mauritius - Pest Surveillance Training on Tuta absoluta, TR4

- Mozambique - Banana Bunchy Top Virus Practical In-field

- 15 Southern African Countries - Government and Farmer training on Fall armyworm

- Government Extension Officers training on Pest, Diseases and Mobile App data collection

- Platform and Mobile App training

Student Programs

Spend 14 Days camping in the Kruger National Park while collecting data on invasive alien invertebrate pests. Field work include but are not limited to trap data collection and alternative host plant surveys.

This program covers the whole Kruger Park, from Crocodile Bridge gate to Pafuri Gate. Enjoy the wonders of the Kruger National Park while performing valuable research all at the same time!