Biosecurity Africa Sighting App

Free Reporting tool for Pests, Diseases and Migratory, affecting the African Continent

Biosecurity Africa Sighting Application lets you quickly report your sightings instantly to your country specific National Plant Protection Officer (NPPO) for quick decision making and rapid response to outbreaks. Everyone can help map pests, diseases and migratory by using your phone to submit sightings. GPS coordinates are captured automatically, and you can record sightings in online or offline mode. You can even place a marker on a map if you had a sighting but could not capture it in the field.

By using the Biosecurity Africa application, you will be supporting your local community and provide valuable information to local Government on pest, disease, or migratory outbreaks. This is an important step in managing invasive species, stopping disease outbreaks and track migratory patterns across the African continent.

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